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The making of Hugo

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

If you are in Australia, there is a children's show called Playschool that dedicates several episodes to 'everyday helpers'. My daughter is a loyal viewer of this show, and therefore she had a special request for me: 'Mama, can you make a doctor for me?'. So, I decided to add a doctor to my collection. Her wishes are my command (sometimes :-)

I have been looking at the beautiful designs of Madelenon (Soledad), who is an Argentinian crochet designer. She is the creator of Hugo and his amazing doctor outfit. I purchased the pattern for Hugo and the doctor outfit from her Etsy shop. Have look at all her gorgeous patterns.

What I think of this pattern

Just one word: beautiful!

Soledad's pattern is very well explained. She adds pictures and extra instructions for the tricky bits. All materials and gauge are also given in detail. It was a no-stress pattern, however if you have zero experience with crocheting and making amigurumis, I would suggest that first, you master some essential stiches and finishes.

One of the tricky bits was the joining of the leg. Madelenon uses a circle to join the legs before starting with the body. It was tricky but I found that the visual guide was really good to demonstrate how the technique works.

I love all the visuals of the pattern, it makes it fun to go over it. She is definitely one of my favourite designers.

I used 8ply yarn and a 3 mm crochet hook. The result was a 21cm approximately bear, with perfect proportions for cuddling and playing.

The importance of roleplay in kids

Role Playing is a way for the kiddos to make sense of the world that surrounds them. Through role playing, children learn empathy. When your child takes part in a role play activity, it usually means that he/she takes on the role of a character which will teach them about the empathy and understanding of different points of views. Doctors, police, teachers, builders, firefighters or first responders are some of the play roles that encourage empathy among children. My daughter definitely loves playing doctor and making her toys feel better.

I absolutely loved making this Teddy Bear 🧸 and his/her doctor outfit. The shape is so gorgeous and the dimensions are perfect for playing and engaging the kiddos' imagination.

I can suggest a great article from Firstcry Parenting with 21 ideas for encouraging role playing.

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