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The Heart that rattles: a tale of high contrast toys

When I was pregnant, as many of us (new mums) do, created a Pinterest category for baby décor and baby nursery. I scrolled so many pages, looking at colour palettes, shapes and themes that were appealing to me and the aesthetics I had in mind. I wanted neutral colours: grey, white and pink pastels, definitely no high contrast colours.

However, I came across many toys and mobiles designed for kids that had very bright yellows, reds, oranges. It got me thinking whether these toys had a special purpose, whether I was choosing appealing shapes and colours pleasing to me but not necessarily appealing to my baby. During the babies' very early stages, the right toys and games can stimulate their development, since babies explore and learn through playing.

Most of articles about new-borns as well as medical information states that a babies' vision is fuzzy at first, it develops gradually and they will only fix on things that are about 20cm to 30cm from their little eyes. Experts advise that high-contrast patterns and bright colours will engage babies' attention because these shapes are easy to focus on and see. Remember that at this early age, babies can’t see very far, so they appreciate toys that can be moved into their sight; and specially they will prefer black, red and white toys, which stimulate their visual development. I remember buying a book and a rattle for her and they were indeed her favourite items for a while. (high contrast rattle free pattern)

Other toys that help to develop your baby's sight are:

  • picture of faces

  • hand held toys, like rattles and teethers. Rattles also stimulate babies to listen.

  • unbreakable mirrors, which can be found in sensory cubes or fabric books

All above items are available at the HeartMade store.

Further reading: Development Milestones - BabyCenter Australia

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Marthy Cecy
Marthy Cecy
Sep 09, 2021

Excelente publicación!

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